The Trolleybus-Man
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The Trolleybus-Man

The Trolleybus-Man

"The Trolleybus-Man" is an absurd superhero comedy about a mechanic turned superhero who's fighting to preserve thing he loves the most - the trolleybuses. Vilnius Trolleybus Park is sold to a young investor, who wants to change trolleybuses to more convenient high-tech, wireless, pilotless vehicles. Needless to say, that this high-tech wonder will require very little maintenance, so the drivers and supporting staff will be fired. But it is way more than that. Without the old trolleybuses the city is never going to be the same.

Genres: Comedy

Actors: Gabija Siurbytė, Liubomiras Laucevičius



Countries: Lithuania

Release: 2016-04-01


Distribution countries: lt

Duration: 15 Min.

Quality: FHD

Language: Lietuvių

imdb 6.7