Hurricane, the wind odyssey
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Hurricane, the wind odyssey

Hurricane, the wind odyssey

200 kmh winds, 18 cyclones, 12 countries - Andy Byatt (Blue Planet, Earth) Cyril Barbançon and Jacqueline Farmer have teamed up with NASA and composer Yann Tiersen to bring this thrilling and immersive experience to the big screen. Beginning its tumultuous journey as an ominous sandstorm in Senegal, heading west across the Atlantic to toss enormous ships and waves topsy-turvy, then crashing into the jungles of the Caribbean, we live inside this hurricane, and it is truly awesome, scary and incredible. Ants, lizards, bats, frogs, horses, homeless men, rivers, ocean reefs, the US Gulf coast - all bend before the power of this monsoon turned magnificent. We see it from space, we see it through the eyes of animals, from the operations' rooms of the emergency agencies meant to warn us and help us cope - and we see it from the ground as it explodes and unleashes its fury upon us.

Genres: Documentary

Actors: Romane Bohringer

Directors: Andy Byatt, Jacqueline Farmer


Countries: Belgium, France

Release: 2015-10-22


Distribution countries: ee lv lt

Duration: 83 Min.

Quality: FHD

Language: English

Subtitles: Lietuvių

imdb 6.9