Double Trouble and the Magical Mirror
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Double Trouble and the Magical Mirror

Double Trouble and the Magical Mirror

Frido is a fun-loving kid and just like most kids his age, a little lazy in school. One day during a town fair he encounters a magical mirror.  With the mirrors magic he is able to create a double (aka doppelgänger) of himself – who is just perfect at everything he is not. 

With the help of is double who is very smart in school Frido starts to give up more and more responsibility not only in school but also at home.  At first it is much fun and he starts telling his secret to his best friend Emil until all of his classmates find out and copy themselves. No one goes to school anymore but the freaky doubles start to take over. 

The kids start to realize that they miss their old lives and decide to take action by setting up a trap that will have the doubles return in time into the mirror.


Distribution countries: ee lv lt

Duration: 92 Min.

Quality: FHD

Language: Lietuvių

imdb 6.3